2024 California Overland Adventure & Power Sport Show Recap

2024 California Overland Adventure & Power Sport Show Recap

Posted by Jocelyn Zidar on Mar 28th 2024

Our journey from Prescott, AZ to Pomona, CA was thankfully uneventful, punctuated by stops for groceries, propane, and walkie-talkies. Despite a minor propane tank leak en route and the forgotten walkie-talkies, we hit the road without a hitch. On the morning of Friday, March 15, Mike and I, Jocelyn, caravanned to Pomona in our company rig—an AT Overland Aterra Truck Camper atop an OEV tray—followed by my little Subaru Crosstrek.

Upon arriving at the Fairplex, we found our booth situated at the end of Redwood Blvd and promptly organized our space. It was conveniently positioned across from one of the OEMs that utilizes our Arctic Tern Product line - Timberleaf Trailers from Colorado. 

Using our work truck to showcase a range of Arctic Tern products has significantly streamlined our booth setup and takedown processes. With this being our fourth event since February, we've developed quite the workflow.

The event sprawled across several buildings for indoor exhibiting as well as two outdoor "streets." Held at the local fairgrounds, amenities like restrooms, water fountains, and food vendors were plentiful, accessible, and well-maintained.

The event drew diverse attendees, ranging from novices to seasoned adventurers. Organizers reported impressive attendance numbers - 10,800 on Saturday and 8,300 on Sunday, excluding volunteers, exhibitors, and staff. The weather was ideal, with typical sunny, breezy California Spring days.

While there was a good mix of Powersports and Overland brands present, my impression was that there were more Overlanding companies. We had the opportunity to catch up with several existing OEMs who utilize our products, including Antishanty, Timberleaf Trailers, Bean Trailers, Nimbl Vehicles, Bear Adventure Vehicles, and Topo Toppers. Additionally, we visited many other notable companies in the industry, such as Alaskan Camper, AV Overland Supply, Tribe Overland Trailers, Sno Trailers, HYK Outdoors, Roam Rest, Hero Camper Aeronaut, RiG'd Supply, and more.

The power sports segment of the show featured a range of power-oriented categories including ATVs, Motorcycles, Custom Cars, a few Water Sports Products, E-Bikes, and Accessories.

Despite Saturday's happy hour being cut short due to miscommunication between fairgrounds security and event staff, it still provided a valuable opportunity to network, exchange stories with fellow exhibitors, and unwind before the bustling second day ahead.

With only a few minor hiccups in communication between event organizers and fairground staff regarding vendor entry and exit times, the California Overland Adventure & Power Sports Show proved to be a seamless, high-traffic event. It successfully fostered connections and conversations that embodied the spirit of overlanding and adventure.

Mike and I were grateful to receive valuable feedback on our products and appreciated suggestions for future developments. We were pleased with the many connections made with both manufacturers and individuals interested in incorporating Arctic Tern Products into their builds, further solidifying our commitment to providing premium build components and customer service to the market.


When asked by the event organizer for feedback, we advocated for a third day to justify the larger commute for many brands and to offer the option of camping in the booth space. These suggestions were well-received and addressed promptly. The event owner even assured us that he was actively working on implementing these changes for next year's show, demonstrating a commitment to continual improvement and attendee satisfaction.