2024 Southeast Adventure Vehicle Expo (SAVE) Recap

2024 Southeast Adventure Vehicle Expo (SAVE) Recap

Posted by Jocelyn Zidar on Mar 13th 2024

The 2024 Southeast Adventure Vehicle Expo (SAVE) at the Florida International Rally & Motorsport Park in Starke, FL was an experience that exceeded our expectations and made our 2000+ mile journey more than worth it. 

As first-time attendees and exhibitors, we were impressed by the diverse mix of creators, manufacturers, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts from across the region. Unlike other expos, SAVE had a distinctly Southern vibe, with mostly local companies (or semi-local) taking center stage and offering a wide range of products.

Located just over an hour outside of Jacksonville, FL, the venue was easily accessible and offered convenient lodging and dining options in nearby Starke, FL, although don't expect any Michelin-Starred restaurants. Camping on-site was also available, with quiet event grounds and amenities like hot showers and clean porta-potties.

The expo's layout was thoughtfully designed, guiding attendees through a seamless flow of exhibitors. It felt akin to Dorothy on the yellow brick road...if Dorothy were a guy with an overlanding habit and a pocket of cash burning a hole in his pocket.

What truly stood out about this event was the genuine passion and investment of attendees in the Southeast overlanding lifestyle. Despite challenges navigating the Eastern United States' limited public land, there was palpable enthusiasm for quality components and vehicles, particularly teardrop trailers and trailers of various builds, from entry-level to full-luxury options.

Our time at SAVE was a great opportunity to connect with some of our partners, including Aeon RV, Cedar Ridge Trailer, Expedition Trailers, Wombat, and Freedom Van Go.

At this show, we showcased several Arctic Tern Products. These included the Adventure Door, which is targeted towards wholesale customers in the teardrop/trailer market. Alongside our classic acrylic awning windows, various cargo doors, roof hatch, entry doors, and Airflo mats, these products garnered significant attention and interest from attendees.

We met families from all over the world in the Creators Corner. They were showcasing their rigs that have traversed many different continents, crossed oceans and housed their families as they travel the world full-time.

The unique locational aspect of being at the local airport added an exciting element to the event, with acrobatic planes dancing through the sky daily—an apt reflection of the adventurous spirit of overlanding and the myriad experiences it offers.

All in all, SAVE was an unforgettable experience that left us hungry for more. We can't wait to hit the road again on our way to the California Overland Adventure & Power Sport Show this weekend. Until then, happy trails, fellow wanderers!