2024 Truck Camper Adventure Rally Recap

2024 Truck Camper Adventure Rally Recap

Posted by Jocelyn Zidar at Tern Overland on Feb 27th 2024

Truck Camper Adventure (TCA) once again proved to be the ultimate gathering for truck camper enthusiasts at the annual TCA Rally in Quartzsite, AZ. This year marked a historic milestone as the event experienced its largest turnout yet, with 403 campers present, surpassing last year's TCA record of 335 truck campers. According to Mello Mike, the event host & the man behind TCA, the Rally drew 686 owners from 46 states, six Canadian provinces, the Netherlands, the UK, and France.

Tern Overland Truck Camper Adventure 2024

The Rally, which serves as an unofficial kickoff to our event & camping season, was the 5th truck camper rally hosted by TCA. The event attracted a diverse crowd of like-minded owners of not only slide-in truck campers but also chassis-mounted campers, truck toppers, DIY campers, and truck cabs. 

Our team, JP, Mike & Jocelyn, arrived Thursday evening & set up the booth with informational brochures, stickers, flags, cornhole, and of course our work truck. People instantly flocked to the scene to check out the unique camper design showcasing many of our Arctic Tern products.

Tern Overland Truck Camper Rally 2024

Quartzsite's renowned BLM area provides the perfect backdrop for this boondocking Rally, where attendees embraced the ethos of "pack it in, pack it out" as they enjoyed the expansive desert landscape. The event offered designated parking areas for both solar-powered campers and those relying on generators, ensuring that everyone could comfortably enjoy their time off the grid. 

During the 4-day event, attendees participated in various activities, including informative talks, meet-and-greets, Q&A sessions, classes, and live music. Among the highlights was the Friday evening 'open-house', which was an opportunity for attendees to explore a variety of camper models, kick tires & open their home-on-wheels to be toured. 

A few rigs that stood out to us are shown below. We loved seeing so many different styles of truck campers as well as meeting the eclectic folks who inhabited them. Many people came from all over the world, and some were traveling to the Southwest for the first time in hopes of escaping the colder climates of their home bases.

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Our work truck, an Aterra XL 2023 Dodge Ram 2500 with an OEV flatbed, expertly outfitted by AT Overland, was proudly showcased for visitors to explore. Engineered to conquer both on and off-road terrains, it serves as a striking showcase of Arctic Tern's innovative products. 

The inclusion of classic awning windows and a strategically placed roof hatch bathed the interior in natural light, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Additionally, the spacious and airy interior design, complemented by cargo doors and the impressive Wildlands door, left attendees in awe, providing them with a glimpse into the future of camper design and premium components. Notably, the luxurious king-sized bed and thoughtfully integrated modular storage solutions further impressed many attendees, solidifying the Aterra XL's reputation as a pinnacle of comfort and functionality in the overlanding community.

Arctic Tern Wildlands Door 2024

The Tern Overland booth, shared with AT Overland, was conveniently located across from the main tent and served as a heavy traffic spot throughout the event, attracting curious visitors and seasoned campers from all over the world. We even had a perfect seat for the live music performance on Friday night by Mike Ewing, the Arizona Cowboy Balladeer! Mike's setup involved a large trailer with a built-in stage, lighting & sound system!

Tern Overland Quartzsite Rally 2024

The weather gods smiled upon us throughout the weekend, blessing us with sunny and comfortable temperatures sitting in the 70s with a light breeze during the day. Many attendees arrived at Road-Runner Wash Campground days before the event kicked off, extending their stay to fully immerse themselves in the camaraderie and adventure that is the TCA Rally Experience.

Tern Overland Expo Booth TCA 2024

In addition to networking with fellow campers and manufacturers, we had the opportunity to connect with content creators Reyes & Deedra (@exploringstillconnected), who shared their firsthand experience with the Arctic Tern Wildlands door and recently created a video on their YouTube Channel featuring the door! Check it out here.

Overall, the TCA Rally in Quartzsite exceeded expectations, bringing together an enthusiastic community of truck camper enthusiasts. Our weekend concluded with a delightful detour to Lake Havasu City on the way back to Prescott, AZ, for lunch, a frisbee toss, and some content creation. Life is good! 

Stay tuned for more adventure & updates from the open road!

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