Broadening Horizons: Tern Overland Expands into a Larger Space

Broadening Horizons: Tern Overland Expands into a Larger Space

Posted by Jocelyn Zidar on Apr 3rd 2024

At Tern Overland, we're excited to share a major milestone in our journey: the expansion of Tern Overland & the Arctic Tern Product Line. This expansion signifies a pivotal moment for us, unlocking new possibilities to better serve our customers and partners. While it is very early on in the process & this will be an ongoing effort, we wanted to keep you all in the loop, because we would not be where we are without your continued support.

What's New?

We've stretched our wings a little, expanding into the suite next door to our current warehouse! This means more space for additional stock, parts & repairs now has a larger department, a shiny new showroom, a spacious break room, additional meeting spots & private offices. But it's not just physical growth; we are also streamlining operations with a new ERP system, freeing up more time to focus on connections, product development, and, of course, adventure.


What is in it for You?

Abundant Stock: With our warehouse now being significantly larger, we can stock a wider range of products in greater quantities, ensuring you have access to the components you need when you need them.

Exciting New Products: The expanded space fuels our creativity, allowing us to introduce even more innovative solutions for your overlanding needs. Additionally, we're thrilled to offer long-awaited options for existing products, catering to a diverse range of aesthetic preferences.


Showroom Experience: Step into our showroom (eventually) and immerse yourself in the world of adventure. Explore overland builds crafted by top brands, all outfitted with Arctic Tern Products. Get inspired, see our components in action, and discover new possibilities for your own builds.

Space to Hang Out: Stop by and say hi! We have created multiple cozy spots where you can kick back, relax, utilize our Wi-Fi, and enjoy a cup of coffee. Whether you are passing through & need to get some work done or just need a breather, our doors are always open. Community is important and we strive to be a space where customers & industry folks can get some work done or pop in to say hi!


Enhanced Partnership Opportunities: For our partners, our expanded warehouse footprint opens doors to new collaboration opportunities. With increased stock levels, we are better equipped than ever to support your needs and help you thrive in the overlanding market. It's important to note that larger quantities and custom orders will still require pre-ordering.

Unmatched Customer Service: Amidst all this growth, our commitment to exceptional service remains unwavering. Whether you have a question, need assistance, or want to share your latest adventure, our team is here for you, every step of the way.

Consistent Pricing for 2024: All of our prices will continue to remain the same through 2024!

Join Us on the Journey: Bear with us as we grow, and expand, and stay tuned for more updates and announcements. Your support fuels our journey, and we are grateful to have you by our side as we continue to grow and explore together.