Overland Expo PNW Recap 2024

Overland Expo PNW Recap 2024

Posted by Jocelyn Zidar on Jul 3rd 2024

The 2024 Overland Expo PNW in Redmond, Oregon, was an unforgettable event filled with adventure, innovation, and a strong sense of community. With sunny skies and temperatures in the high 70s to low 80s, along with a pleasant breeze, attendees enjoyed perfect weather for exploring everything the expo had to offer.


This year's expo brought together overland enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, offering a perfect blend of hands-on workshops, inspiring presentations, and an impressive array of products and gear. With over 16,000 attendees, 376 registered exhibitors, and 92 presenters, trainers, and VIPs, the event was a bustling hub of activity and excitement.

There's something butterfly-belly inducing about making a trek to see your people, to be surrounded by like-minded individuals with at least one common interest - Overlanding. Everyone arrives with different missions in mind. There are those camping, those attending, those selling, those shopping, those dragged there by someone they love, but rarely are there those who can't find something to delight in at the Overland Expos (even if it's just the tacos and beers). I always say that there is something for everyone at these events - even the dogs! 


Engaging Workshops and Inspiring Speakers

One of the standout features of Overland Expo PNW was the extensive lineup of workshops and demonstrations. With 312 classes, seminars, demos, activities, slideshows, and films totaling over 329 session hours of instruction, there was surely something to learn for everyone. From advanced recovery techniques to camp cooking, from photography lessons to navigation skills, attendees had the opportunity to acquire knowledge from industry experts and hone their overlanding skills, ensuring they're better prepared for their next adventure and instilling confidence for what may be on the horizon.

The 2024 expo featured a diverse group of speakers who shared their stories and insights on overlanding. Notable presentations included tales of epic journeys across continents, advice on sustainable travel, and tips for building the ultimate overland rig. These sessions not only inspired but also provided valuable knowledge to help attendees on their own adventures. This year, they even launched the "Women Who Wander" educational tent, where there were courses specifically designed for and by women. The first Women Who Wander Fireside Chats was a huge success with 70+ attendees, including Patty Upton, Connie Redman, Azure Oneil, and Cara McClellan, who are legends in the overlanding community.


Exciting Product Launches and Presentations

Several exhibitors chose Overland Expo PNW to debut their latest products. 

  • GOSO Cookware introduced their made-in-USA carbon cookware and announced their upcoming Kickstarter campaign. 
  • Rhino-Rack displayed a 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser kitted out with a rack, tent, and awning, plus gear from other exhibitors. 
  • Goose Gear debuted their new plate system and camp kitchen kit for the INEOS Grenadier, turning this new and popular platform into a complete backcountry living space.
  • Four Wheel Campers showcased their Orvis collaboration camper, perfect for extended backcountry stays, and loaded with features designed for fly fishing enthusiasts. 
  • Toyota brought the 2025 4Runner Trailhunter back for its second Overland Expo. As always, the Toyota Fireside Chat was packed with enthusiastic attendees looking to get an inside look at the new models from Toyota’s engineering and marketing staff members. 
  • GRIDRACK™ displayed their innovative Bed Slide and accessory line that integrates with a number of industry-leading cargo management systems.

A Thriving Overlanding Community

One of the most remarkable aspects of Overland Expo PNW is the sense of community. By this time of year, many connections have been made, and the relationships have an opportunity to deepen. Overlanders from diverse backgrounds come together to share their experiences, exchange tips, shop around, get inspiration, crack cold beverages, and forge new friendships. The camaraderie was palpable, and it was heartwarming to see how the overlanding community continues to support and uplift each other through partnerships, sponsorships, remote recoveries, and collaborations.


The on-site campgrounds were bustling with activity as campers from around the world and nearly every state exchanged inspiring stories about their favorite overlanding adventures. With activities from sunup to sundown, campers had a full schedule equipping themselves for their next trip.

When the sun goes down, the fun doesn't stop at Overland Expo. Happy Hours, Booth Parties, the Foundation Raffle, and more filled the hours with fun. The Overland Expo Foundation charity raffle was full of excited attendees who took home hundreds of prizes donated by our amazing exhibitors, and the raffle raised over $16,000 for the Overland Expo Foundation.

The Pacific Rover Club competed in the "Vehicular Games," a trials-style competition that challenged both driver and vehicle. Attendees loved watching the tense action as each Rover navigated its way through the course.


Looking Ahead

As I reflect on the incredible experiences at Overland Expo PNW 2024, I am filled with gratitude for the support and enthusiasm of the overlanding community. Tern Overland is excited to continue innovating and bringing you the best products to enhance your adventures. With about 20 of our existin OEM partners and upwards of 50 potential partners, we were able to see the impact Tern Overland has. These shows give us an opportunity to get feedback, check in with industry innovators, and learn more about how we can better serve the market.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to seeing you at the next event and sharing more adventures together.

Happy Overlanding!