Overland Expo West 2024 Recap

Overland Expo West 2024 Recap

Posted by Jocelyn Zidar on May 24th 2024

In the wake of Overland Expo West (OEW) 2024, we can reflect on some impressive stats. This year's event hosted 29,500 attendees, 415 registered exhibitors, 119 presenters, trainers, and VIPs, 100 journalists, and 42 incredible staff members. Celebrating the 15th anniversary alongside fellow overlanding enthusiasts was a significant milestone, and the turnout was nothing short of mind-blowing.


Unlike last year, we enjoyed sunny days and blue skies throughout the entire weekend. Let's not even talk about the wind or the dust because this weekend was a major win. The event drew attendees from across the globe, including those from 48 states, Mexico, Canada, Great Britain, South Korea, China, the Philippines, and Australia.

Overland Expo West is without a doubt one of the largest concentrations of overland builds in one place. There’s something for everyone and builds range from daily drivers to extreme expedition trucks.


Pre-Event Gatherings

Expo weekends typically spur a series of pre-and post-event gatherings. Our trip to Expo started Wednesday night at the KC HiLites new facility in Flagstaff, AZ, where they generously hosted a grand opening. Industry folks gathered from near and far. These events are great for connecting with other industry professionals & nurturing community. It’s amazing to see the growth and support within the industry.

Expo Kick-Off

Overland Expo West 2024 was an exciting event, especially with the launch of AT Overland’s new Aterra Topper. This new product features a full kit of our Arctic Tern Flat Windows, which will be available starting June 25, 2024. We had the pleasure of joining AT Overland in their booth to showcase the entire Arctic Tern product line to attendees and builders. With a prime location near the Big Red Expo merchandise tent, our booth was a hub of activity and hard to miss. 


The response to our new Flat Windows was overwhelmingly positive from both manufacturers and retail customers. Attendees were particularly impressed with the sleek design and enhanced functionality of the Flat Windows, reinforcing the strong reputation of Arctic Tern products. 

The show officially kicked off on Friday and remained bustling throughout the weekend. At least 20 Tern Overland OEM Partners were exhibiting, and countless rigs featured our components, underscoring the widespread adoption and trust in our products within the overlanding community. 



We are currently working on a series of interviews with builders & end users who use our components & were able to catch up with quite a few OEM Partners at this event. These videos will offer insights into their builds and their experiences with Arctic Tern Products and working with Tern Overland. Keep an eye out for these interviews on our YouTube channel and other social media platforms. 

Overland Expo West 2024 was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with our OEM Partners and Affiliates. It was a valuable platform for networking, exchanging ideas, and showcasing the latest innovations in overlanding gear. We look forward to continuing these relationships and bringing more exciting products to the overlanding community.


Event Highlights

  • 2024 Overland Expo Ultimate Builds: The GMC Canyon AT4X and the Ural Gear Up, outfitted with top-of-the-line gear to increase their capability and comfort, showcased the best in overland innovation.
  • Storytelling Pavilion: Sponsored by K&N, this was the place to learn from content creators about photography, monetizing content, and more.
  • Happy Hours: Sponsored by Barebones, MAXXIS, and Rays, these events gave everyone a chance to mingle, sip, and grab something to eat.
  • After-Hours Activities: Every night featured multiple options, including in-booth after-parties hosted by Toyota, BF Goodrich, KC HiLites, Equipt, AT Overland, and Honda.
  • Gas Station Gourmet Cookoff: Our Brand Manager, JP Garcia, showcased his culinary skills at KC HiLites' Gas Station Gourmet cookoff, securing a commendable 3rd place.
  • Overland Expo Film Festival: Sponsored by GOAT BOXCO, the festival featured inspiring films from around the world.
  • The Bivvies: Sponsored by Hankook Tires, Wild Top, and Holley Off-Road, these provided a place for attendees to take a break, hydrate, and plan their day.
  • Saturday Night Raffle: Raised just shy of $20k for the Overland Expo Foundation with tens of thousands of dollars in prizes donated by exhibitors.
  • Educational Sessions: 318 classes, seminars, demos, activities, slideshows, and films, totaling over 331 hours of instruction.
  • Dogs in hats! (extremely noteworthy)

Building Connections and Community

OEW was a phenomenal business and community-building opportunity. We had productive conversations with many potential and existing manufacturers who utilize Arctic Tern products, as well as retail and DIY customers.

Overland Expo West 2024 was an extraordinary event that highlighted the spirit of the overlanding community. From incredible vehicle builds to educational sessions and networking opportunities, this year's Expo had it all. We look forward to many more adventures and opportunities to unite as a community. Thank you to everyone who joined us and contributed to making this event so memorable and impactful.

Here's to many more adventures and opportunities to unite as a community. See you at the next Overland Expo!