Tern Overland Announces the Addition of a Black Blind & Screen Assembly to the Arctic Tern Product Line.

Tern Overland Announces the Addition of a Black Blind & Screen Assembly to the Arctic Tern Product Line.

Posted by Tern Overland Team on Feb 14th 2024

Tern Overland is delighted to unveil the expansion of its Arctic Tern product line. Recognized as a leader in buildcomponents for the Overlanding industry, we are committed to continuously improving our product range while upholding unparalleled standards of excellence in quality and customer service.

Our latest addition is the all-black blind and screen assembly, which offers all the features of our classic white option while providing an alternative color choice to accommodate a wider range of build aesthetics.

Included with every Arctic Tern window purchase, customers now have the option to select either color option at no additionalcost or can be purchased separately to retrofit existing windows.

Each assembly features extruded aluminum rollers equipped with an autocorrecting feature to ensure smooth operation without any snagging. The blind and screen housing is designed to be reversible, allowing the blind to be positioned at either the top or bottom of the window based on personal preference and privacy considerations.

Theblind acts as an additional insulation layer by adding a second dead air space for maximum thermal efficiency. Much like the classic-white assembly, the blind on the black assembly is a true blackout blind with a reflective exterior for both privacy and insulation. However, the black blind features a smooth textile on the interior to create a polished finished look to elevate the interior of your space.

Each assembly is thoughtfully crafted for longevity and corrosion resistance, featuring a heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum frame. The screen is engineered with a fine mesh structure to effectively block out bugs and insects while facilitatingoptimal airflow. A mohair lined track on both sides of the blind and screen further prevents no-see-ums from sneaking through the edge. The blind and screen components offer versatile functionality, allowing for individual activation or seamless integration to achieve various combinations of privacy and ventilation.

Place your order for the all-black blind & screen assembly now! Delivery timelines will be contingent upon stock availability. For purchases with a new window, please visit our webstore. To procure the assembly on its own for retrofitting existing windows, please reach out to us via email at the address provided below.


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